Top 5 Ways to Make SURE Your New Year Resolution Sticks in 2017

How to Make Sure your New Year Resolution Sticks in 2017!

You made it to a fresh, new year. Can you feel it?

The excitement. The energy. The anticipation of what is sure to be a better year than 2016.

I mean, 2016… What was THAT even about?

You can feel it in your soul – 2017 is YOUR year. This will be the year you finally do it. Stick to that fitness plan. Eat healthier. Tackle that debt. Spend more time with family. Quit smoking. Make that career move you’ve been dreaming about. Even now, you’re tingling with excitement for what this amazing new year is sure to bring!

Here’s a little fact for you: Only 8% of people are successful in achieving their New Years Resolution (Statistic Brain)!

But you aren’t going to be one of those people. YOU are going to make this one stick. Here are the top 5 ways to make sure your 2017 Resolution is not just another dud:

1. Just pick one Resolution!

I know, I know. But there are so many things you want to be different in 2017! Changes take time, patience, and focus. If you’re trying to make too many changes too fast, it’s easy to fall off the horse and never get back on. Pick one. Focus. And when you fall off (because you will), get back up as quickly as possible and get back to work!

2. Predict the Obstacles

Because they are there. As sure as the sky is blue, there will be some pretty significant hurdles for you to surmount. That’s just the law of Karma, right? So take note of what is likely to throw you off track. Maybe it’s that all inclusive vacation you just booked (hello buffet!). Or that trip to Marshalls where that gorgeous Michael Kors coat just leaped into your shopping cart without even consulting your new budget (wait – we’re not here to talk about me!). Either way, know that they’re coming. Plan for them when possible. Avoid the triggers. And when they do knock you on your face – get back up and keep at it!

3. Accept Failures

Yes, I said it. You will fail at some point. We are only human after all. And here is where I get to be super cliche… It’s not about how hard you fall, but how quickly you get back up that matters. (Here is where I invoke the spirit of Rocky VI). Failure is how we learn. Recognize what threw you off track and learn from that moving forward. Take a deep breath. Stand up. And start again.

4. Plan Rewards!

This is the best part of starting a new change or habit. You have to treat yourself. Or else, what in God’s name are you doing this for?!? Every 5 pounds you lose, treat yourself to a mani-pedi or a professional shave! Did you hit your sales goal this month? Awesome. Treat yourself to that movie you wanted to see. Breaking your big goal (losing 50 pounds, for example) is a lot easier to do if you set smaller mini-goals with rewards along the way (say, losing 5 pounds per month). Throw in a reward with each mini-goal, and you’re going to have much more fun along the way!

5. Find an Accountabila-buddy

Say what?! An Accountable Buddy = Accountabila-buddy! Research shows when you have someone holding you accountable along the way, you are way more likely to be successful! Whether that’s your partner, a friend, a sibling or a coach/counselor, we all need someone who pushes us to get our butts out of bed at 4:30am to go work out when that is the LAST thing you’d rather be doing. You need someone who will smack that box of twinkles out of your hands at 5:45pm after a rough day at work. So find a partner. Tell them your goal. And ask them to help you stick to it.

What are your tips and tricks for making changes become a habit? Share below!


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