Experiencing a traumatic event does not mean you or your loved one will go on to develop PTSD. Fear and anxiety are common reactions during and immediately after a traumatic event. Fear is actually adaptive in these moments, helping the body to defend against danger or avoid it, known as the “fight-or-flight” response. These innate [...]

When most of us think about trauma, we tend to think about war, physical or sexual abuse, terrorism, major accidents, and natural disasters. These catastrophic events are often profoundly devastating, and what some refer to as large ‘T’ Traumas. They are extraordinary events that leave survivors feeling powerless and helplessness. The first criteria required for [...]

Experiencing a traumatic event does not always mean you will go on to develop Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In fact, it is completely normal to experience fear and anxiety after something traumatic has occurred. But over time, these symptoms should start to dissipate naturally. If you or your loved one survived a traumatic event and [...]

Historically, trauma referred to exceptionally horrific events like torture or abuse that you personally experienced. But over the last few decades, mental health professionals have to come to recognize that trauma can include a vast continuum of experiences. So how do you know whether you or a loved one is experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) [...]

I have a longstanding love-hate relationship with running. In the early mornings as I'm leaving my neighborhood, my brain screaming for coffee, the local roadrunners pedal their svelte legs and it looks so effortless. The ones who run in small groups especially catch my eye, chatting casually as their toned legs turn over in graceful [...]

8 Strategies for Improving Concentration and Attention

"Our society is sick. As a whole, we are suffering from the disease of distraction and business. We're addicted to being overwhelmed and stretched thin. And our ability to concentrate, accomplish, and perform is suffering for it." - Michelle Coombs, Ph.D. We live in a society that can easily overwhelm and overstimulate our senses. And [...]

3 Ingredients for Achieving your 2018 Goals (Plus a free Goal-Setting Guide!)

Happy New Year! This time of year, most of us are thinking about all of the goals we have for the New Year. So what will it be? Are you ready for a new you? Or will 2018 be another year of the same old you? Before we speed ahead to plan for 2018, take [...]